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Welcome to Zanemvula 
Traditional Healing

We are here to help you find your self and normalise your relationships with your environment.

This is what we hold as the ultimate goal of the healing process: to be able to be at ease and manage our relationship to everything and anything and anyone but most of all every aspect of oneself.

Kirstenbosh walks -   Saturdays  2018

9 am gate 1.  R100 + garden entry fee

   see the new list of medicinal plants that can be found in Kirstenbosch

Earth burial in Robertson  October

Healer Workshop    

In Muizenberg   15-17 June  2018

In the Crags,  Eastern Cape 29 June -1 July

The Crags Farsight farm  13-15 July

In Johannesburg   late August

Testimonial of Healer workshop by Ken , Gloria and  Isabella Snyman and Susan

There are other workshops available too Workshops

Hercules workshop    

The Holy Grail,  Virtues that bring health

See new article on 17 virtues of The Holy Grail

At Muizenberg  9+10 June

At the Crags 11-12 August 2018  Farsight farm

Workshop on Geopathic stress  

In   one day workshop Saturday

 on Spirits of Trauma.

See updated article on Spirit Beings associated with disease. Now with Asura  article    

In Ireland  one day workshop Sunday 13 May

On Raising consciousness. How do you do it and its effect on the planet and humanity.

In Ireland one day workshop Saturday 19 May

Healing with the creative forces of the zodiac

Practice how to do it for quick results.

In Ireland one day workshop Sunday 20 May 2018

Blessing points. How to find them, activate them, heal with them.

Cancelled:  In Waterford Ireland weekend Healer Course Friday 25 May evening starting workshop.

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28 May 2018


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