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Adansonia digitata

Adansonia digitata

Afrikaans:  kremetart  (cream of tartar)

English :     baobab


Tswana    : Movana

Description and diagnostic features   

   It is a succulent tree.   

Part used     




The powdered fruit is used as a food supplement. Fruit seed and pulp are ground together to make a very nutritious powder.  It has a remarkable effect of making people feel good about themselves. This is essential for overcoming autoimmune diseases of apparent self criticism that emanates from the gut. This critical voice of the Amafufunyana can be  healed with baobab fruit.  In the absence of the fruit the medium Edgar Case suggested a mixture of  three salts:  sodium tartrate, potassium tartrate,  and flowers of sulphur.




The baobab tree grows well in the Limpopo province of South Africa and in tropical central Africa north and east of the Limpopo.


It can be grown from seed that have been treated with a 50% diluted vinegar solution for 12 hours  before being planted.