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Adenia gummifera

Adenia gummifera

Afrikaans: Bobejaangif

English : Green vine

IsiXhosa:   impinda

Description and diagnostic features   

   It is subtropical green creeper  that grows high up into the forest canopy.  It holds the branches of the canopy together so that even when large branches are broken off by a storm, they do not fall to the ground.


Part used     

    The long trailing creeping branches of the vine.


    It is most commonly used to let go of situations.  It is dried and burnt for the purpose.  If someone attacks us we tend to feel affronted and find it difficult to forgive them.  By burning a thread from the dried stem it lets everything go so that we are no longer burdened by it.  Some people think of it as sending it back, but it is really just letting it go.   If nothing is holding it, it will naturally goes to its initiator in any case.


    If someone attacked you and you let it go, then they may perceive it as coming from you and they think you have joined in warfare.  So before you burn it, dust it with isiphepeto powder so they cannot see where it is coming from.



It grows into the canopy of the damp forests in KwaZulu and further north.