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Artemisia afra

Artemisia afra                 

Wilde als      or as I was told Wilde alles “want dit maak amper alles reg”.     

African wormwood  -  because the wormwoods are in the  Artemisia genus.

Umhlonjane  - isiXhosa word for courage

Lengana   Sesotho for courage

As  you may notice both the Basotho and  Xhosa call it courage, because you take it for courage.  In the indigenous culture you have to match the characteristic emotion of the  person with the emotion of the plant.  This match is what brings about the healing.

My teacher Phillip regarded it as one of the two basic first aid remedies.  If a child claimed to be too sick to go to school, you offered him a cup of tea of this bush.  If he took it and he needed it it would not be bitter.  If he was just trying to avoid school then it would taste terribly bitter and he would rather go to school than drink it. This is another great thing about this herb and many others, is that it is self regulating, as long as you are prepared to taste it rather  than take it in a sugar coated pill or capsule.

It tastes bitter  when you no longer need it.

Another way to get the child to go to school quickly is to do the war dance with him . In this kind of chensa  you walk by putting down the ball of you foot hard and then following it up by hitting the ground with  the heel of your foot.  This causes the body to shudder and shake the kidneys.  This shakes out the fear and there he goes full of courageous enthusiasm five minutes later.

Courage is the quality we all need in quantity when we need to face letting go what we think we know before we can learn more and new things.  As long as we generalise the little we know and think it can be applied in all cases then we are stuck in our security of generalisation.  

Self doubt is a great destroyer of courage.