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Bersama lucens

Bersama lucens

Afrikaans:  Blinkblaar witessenhout

English :  

IsiXhosa:  Isindiyandiya  

Description and diagnostic features   

   The dried bark of this tree is unique as far as local barks go  because it sparkles brightly in the direct sunlight.  

Part used     

    The bark, powdered.


    It is used for focus.

    It can help one focus on the job at hand.

    It can even help overcome astigmatism. That is if you are not too old.

    It is a absolute boon to the senior population so that they do not loose interest and focus. It is very well known to the elders in the local population of the Eastern Cape.



    It is found all over the wooded valleys in the eastern cape.     


    It produces abundant red seeds.