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My name is Peter Michael von Maltitz. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1948 and completed my schooling there. I received a B.Sc.. in Natural Sciences (Agriculture)  from the University of Stellenbosch followed by an honours degree in Plant Pathology. During my university years I developed an interest in Hatha Yoga which I then taught to fellow students. I also read a great deal of Theosophy, this led to an interest in Anthroposophy and thus to Bio-Dynamic farming.

After completing my university studies I extended my interest in European herbs and Bio-Dynamics while working in Switzerland and then spent a year at the Goetheanum in Dornach. There I worked in the laboratory studying compost preparations. I also took part in discussions on plant metamorphosis and Goetheanistic thinking. Then I returned to South Africa where I was married to Elzunia Gasiorowski. We lived on a remote farm in the Free State where we raised two children with the help of herbs and tissue salts following some unhappy experiences with allopathic medicine. Then we moved to the Western Cape and our third child was born. Here I worked for some years as a Plant pathologist in Stellenbosch.

I have always been driven by a desire to relieve pain and in 1980  discovered that I could give relief by using my "hot hands"  To understand this process and  develop it I experimented continually  and reading anything I could find on the subject, for example "Healing in the Gospels" by Michael Heydenreich.

In 1996 I registered as a spiritual healer and took part in a course in Homeopathy with the Homeopaths Berkley Digby and Dr David Lilley. Studies in African traditional healing with Philip Kubukeli from Khayelitsha, Cape Town followed. During my training in traditional healing I received the name "Zanemvula" (He comes with the rain) because it rained whenever we performed a ceremony for my ancestors. My final graduation as a fully fledged igqirha took place at a 3-day ceremony during September 1999 on my home farm, Jantjieskraal in the Kouga mountains.

How I Became an Igqirha

After registering as a spiritual healer in 1996 I took part in a meeting of healers of various disciplines at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town.  There I met igqirha TDr. Philip Kubukeli.  I had become interested in understanding the culture of traditional healing, particularly with reference to understanding the culture of  some of the workers in the Tulbagh valley where I was farming at the time. I realized that the only respectful  way to gain this knowledge was train with the healers within the cultural framework  which safeguards this knowledge. I was delighted when, after the meeting TDr. Kubukeli phoned to say that he had dreamed that I should be trained as a traditional healer. He then took me to one of his sisters (also a spiritual healer) in Cala, Eastern Cape for a second opinion as I was the first white person his ancestors had told him to train.  Fortunately I saw her in a dream before we arrived there and could describe her to him. The visit convinced him that I was already spiritually fairly well developed and only needed my inner senses cleared in order to communicate properly with my ancestors and see into the spiritual world clearly.

I would not have been able to achieve this without the support of my wife Ursula.  Unfortunately she died of metastasising cancer.

Once I started seeing clients, every client became a field of study to understand .  Once I could see into their subconscious I started understanding their diseases as manifesting out of their suppressed emotions.  Uncovering their past lives was more than reading them like a book. Suddenly they were each like a new encyclopaedia.  

Then I started seeing more than colours in their bodies. There were other souls in some of them. Ghosts were affecting their likes and dislikes and tried to lobby them into other activities.  And then occasionally I saw  when the ghosts took over they were possessed.

In time I saw other being fighting for the control of their souls. There were the fallen hierarchies. The demons or Luciferic beings fallen from the  Angels; the satanic accusatory beings fallen from the Archangels ;  and now the asuras fallen from the Archai.

Now  I treat people in groups by training them in the 8 stages of healing.