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Carpobrotus edulis

Carpobrotis edulis

Afrikaans: Suurvy

English: Sour fig

isiXhosa: Gcukuma

Description and diagnostic features   

It is a succulent smooth leafed sprawling plant  that mostly grows on sandy soils. The outer edges of the leaves have a red tinge. The flowers are yellow.  Sometimes the old shrivelling flowers have a pink hue.     A different species has bright pink flowers.

Part used           

   Leaves  and fruits.


Chewing the leaves will immediately give relief  to a sore throat.

It is fine to swallow the juice.

Fruits are cooked up with sugar and water to make a pleasant healing jam.  


It will only treat the sore throat of a cold but not relieve the rest of cold and flu symptoms.


Well drained sandy soils.


It is easily propagated by placing a stolon with leaves on the soil.