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The sequence of being enslaved

by the fallen hierarchies

The first enslavement: Lucifer (the saviour) Impundulu in isiXhosa. The fallen angel.

It seems that a long time ago humankind developed an interest in being important. In fact some people thought they were more important than others.  In the old tribal societies this way of thinking is still thought of as being diseased.  This self indulgence seems to carry over to their descendants as feelings of entitlement. These feelings can also be observed in bird life.  Once a pecking order has been established in adult ducks, their chicks will behave exactly the same way that their parents did to the other chicks .


This looking down on others is what makes us produce the energy of disgust. We cannot use it. It serves no useful purpose except that it could help with hygiene. The fact is that this energy forms the ideal food for the fallen angels, the Lucifer beings.  The popular saying in South Africa of “Ag shame” indicates how much we feel more important than others.

When we have attracted Lucifer to come eat our disgust it will come sit on our head or shoulder and make us feel pressed down on the shoulders and the shadow of depression cloud our mind.  At the same time it estranges us from others.  We feel disconnected. Because we disregard others, we cannot even hear or communicate with them. Eventually our delusions of grandeur will drive us completely crazy and we would prefer to simply leave this world.  Our disgust spreads to disgust for the earth and working in the soil and making compost. This withdraws us from mother earth. We become disconnected and  ungrounded.

The second enslavement: Satan (the accuser). Tokeloshe in isiXhosa. The fallen Archangel.

Having become so important and only wanting to know the light from above, we have no regard for what is under our feet, dear mother earth. The vitality that she sends us every day is totally ignored and accumulates as a dark mess around our feet.

Now along comes the Satan.

“Oh good, lots of food”  

And while he is about it he may as well hang on our legs and start eating our vitality as well.

Now he feels totally justified about pulling us down, as otherwise Lucifer will simply draw us off into the clouds. To better put us down he pretends to be our conscience and accuses us of anything that will upset us.  When we are upset we cannot digest our food properly and we get inflammation of the guts. As long as he can keep the guts inflamed the better he can keep communicating. The intestines are an excellent target because they have enough nerves to make up the nervous system of a cat. So now he takes up residence in the lower gut and many people welcome the feeling because they think they are now connected to their gut feeling.

This interference of denouncing us through the gut will eventually go on so long that we start to distrust this negativity and see that it does not benefit us. Because we thought it was our conscience we now declare that we do not trust ourselves.

The third enslavement: Asura (the angel of death) Insilwane. The fallen Archai.

That declaration of not trusting ourselves is taken up by the Asura as an instruction to disconnect us (the personality) from our true self. These beings are the fallen Archai. They are the ones interested in developing our personality, that thing that thinks with our brain and thinks it has a independent existence.  So when the personality declared it does not need the self, it is cut off from the spirit and suddenly we miss we are not quite sure of but we seem lost.

Our eyes get that blank look and we feel rudderless.

Now if at this time you try walking backwards, you feel quite blind. If someone were to chase this thing off your back , then walking backwards would take on a whole new significance. You would actually be able to sense your guidance from behind.

As soon as you doubt yourself again, this Asura or angel of death will be back again.

The way back to health.

If you master your doubts and recover from the Asura, you will realise that Satan is back. That accusing voice that tries to put you down is back. You have to tell it to go away. Start by chewing a bit of pepper bark tree leaf to weaken it and then shout HA. You have to laugh it off.

As loud as you can. Take a deep breath and do it even louder. If you suddenly feel much lighter in the belly then you have done it.

Oh no so who is back now? The one from before, Lucifer the fallen angel is back to try and get you to make more disgust for him. Immediately get down on your knees and feel yourself in the heart space. Now you can start joking with him and say we are all equal, even though he thinks he is more equal than others.

Now finally you are out of the quagmire as you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders.

Entities of Trauma