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Healer workshop

Healer Workshop Program Outline

And what you need to bring.

  1. Stabilizing the body - homeopathy - release from delusions.   Delusion that we are our senses.
  1. Moving the perspective of awareness.  Looking with eyes or through eyes.
  1. Awareness and extending it.  Sense of being looked at. Extending awareness into the earth.  Kneeling and moving awareness from the head to the chest.
  2. Cleansing with ubulau, cleaning your bubble.
  3. Finding self and the pressure of observation.  Glance, not stare.
  4. Using dowsing, dreams, lucid dreaming.
  5. Belief systems - disease miasms.
  6. Coping systems , plant, animal, mineral. Find your buttons.
  7. Herb - Psoralea pinnata - umhlonitchwa , humilitea.

2.  Clearing the psychic disturbances.  

     Delusion that we are what we feel.  

  1. Setting the intention, the wish, observe decisions.
  1. Removing entities - preparation of patient and spirit.
  2. Noticing attachment site of entity.
  3. Melting the entity grips.
  4. Holding the entity and removing it from the patient.
  5.  Experience levitating the consciousness - Jacobs ladder.
  6. Mending tears in the sheaths.
  7. Witness your decisions. - Finding self.
  8. Herb - Artemisia afra - courage  umhlonyane

3. Strengthening the energy flow - Thinking.  

   The delusion that we own power.

   1.  Executing your decisions. - finding self respect.

  2. Setting the attention of objectivity

   3. Energy follows thought.  Thought hijacked by ego.

       Take crockery for a drive.

   4. Imagination: the greatest gift of humankind - not power.

  5. Connecting to the different sources - out of body chakras and their  relation to the greater environment

   6. Dancing - rapid thought movement.

   7. Breathing - aspire to know yourself.  Collect aspiring atoms.

   8. Herbs - Leonotis. - power

  9. Releasing old realities.  Undo historic preconditioning.

  10. Witness how you hold yourself to carrying out your decisions.

4. Separation of centre of observation from your body. Focus.     Inspiration. Delusion that we only exist in relation to our outer     body.

    1. The importance of not thinking during travel.  Moving your          hand.

    2. From outside into the body chakras. Down the tubes.

    3. From inside energy fields

    4. Moving between the colours – breathing

   5. Experience levitating the consciousness - Jacobs ladder

    6. Working in the different realms, one at a time.

    7. Chakras relate us to different worlds

    8. Recreation the crystal body out of starlight.

    9. Reassembly of the colours without the defects and curses.

   10. Clearing out the cracks in the crystal body.   

       Forgiving those who hurt us.

        Remove the implement of destruction. Clear out old wounds.         Remove hurts.

     11. Herb - Bersama lucens -  isindiandia , do not hesitate

5. Journey of investigation into other worlds. Withdrawal of our attention from the outer sense world.  

   1. Consensus reality of other worlds.  

       Imagination creates images of our sensing.

    2. Non-violence overcomes fear. Intent setting, no confrontation.

    3. Defining space, respecting directions.

    4. Stepping out of time - sobbing.  

   5. Stepping out of space.

   6. Finding the entry into tree and three worlds.

6. Going into the underworld       Concentration

   1. Find your way down through tree, water, earth, and into         petrified states of earth.

   2. Find the Guardian.  Inner perception starts. Expecting          anything.

    3. Find your Eden

    4. Find your original hurt

    5. Find and change the contract that caused the hurt. No knots,     Present quality achieved. What was the intent of the hurt. What      appreciation was sought after.  

   6. Seek the lost parts of your soul that avoided the hurt and       bring them back if they agree.

   7. Bring back the gifts for your soul

    8. Bring back your body's animal contact

7. Going to the upper world and having a conversation with the         beings there.  Meditation.

   1. Find the way up to human heaven.

   2. Meet your celestial Guardian and Family

    3. Find your intended purpose on earth, your destiny

    4. Go to meet your higher self at the boundary of human and     angelic heaven.

    5. Go to angelic heaven and see where your destiny fits into the          bigger picture.

   6. Bring down your contact to your higher self

    7. Examine your possible futures in which your destiny can           unfold

8. Getting behind the worlds. Samadhi.

   1. Being as contrast to energy, matter and idea.

   2. Adjusting to different aware-nesses in yourself and others.

    Central or peripheral.   Alternate spiral breathing and building     the mind shield.

    3. Teams.  Sense the effect of adding team members and their         relative positions.

    4. Seeing the threads.  Run in circle holding hands.

    5. Working behind the scenes.  Blobs on the treads.

   6. Earthing again. Drawing energy together into Earth chakra.



Please make a booking to come

Maximum of 10 new workers per workshop so please cancel if you see you can't come so as to make your place available to others.

You can come for free again to practice if you bring two new workers. If coming again you need to commit to the whole workshop. This way you can train to be a supporter and eventually a facilitator.

What you need to bring:

A fruit such as an apple or orange.

A 5L Billy can or bucket if you can  - I have some if you are at a venue in or near Cape Town.

Ubulau - obtainable from muti shops.  I have some if you cannot find any.  In Cape Town Claremont near the station is ‘Duma and sons’ that carry stock. At the Belville station there are shops with it.

Pestle and mortar to grind the ubulau.

A forked stick to stir it with. Best made from olive to reveal everything. The diameter of the stick is best if it is as thick as a normal coki pen.  - I have some.

A sarong or wrap around to dance with if you do not wear a skirt or kilt.

a walking stick or arm length stick to hold when you dance.

Kneeling mat or cushion.

A pencil and paper to make notes.

Protein rich food like biltong or nuts to feed your brain so it can remember more easily.

Your own version of coffee or tea in a thermos flask.

Your own sandwich or bean sprouts or whatever you use for lunch.