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Welcome to Zanemvula 
Traditional Healing

We are here to help you find your self and normalise your relationships with your environment.

This is what we hold as the ultimate goal of the healing process: to be able to be at ease and manage our relationship to everything and anything and anyone but most of all every aspect of oneself.

Kirstenbosh walks

Saturday  8 January 2022

9 am gate 1.  R 100 + garden entry fee

see the new list of medicinal plants that can be found in Kirstenbosch    And more info on the plants.


Zoom  video connections

Meeting ID: 405 442 4638

Daily, weekdays. Monday to Thursday.

Starts at 7 pm  (GMT + 2) till 8 something.

Payment  from outside South Africa via PayPal  to

In USA dollars $     

Please book with Aniela

on WhatsApp +27 72 178 2912

Please prepare your contact details on WhatsApp by adding your email to your contact profile and sending your profile with the first message to Aniela.

Please use your name in your zoom user name.

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One on one fee per hour is R 700  US $48

I suggest that the workshops are done in the sequence listed here.



The recordings of the following talks are available for R75

7pm series

1. Human freedom

2. Why we need to be friendly, and need introductions. Our body sees everything.

3. Three processes: Mercury, Sulphur and salt. Metamorphosis. Change.

4. The four forms of material our bodies were made of.

5. The 5 organ energies and fusing them into the pearl.

6. Children’s medicine. Natural medicine for children. pdf

7. Colds and coughs.

8. Mostly alimentary canal.

9. More medical conditions. Niël Malan common conditions. pdf

10. Mucus in organs. Cause of disease.

11. Beings of trauma. The fallen hierarchies of Angels, Archangels and Archai.

12. Recovery from beings of trauma.

13. The titans. Titans.pdf

14. Ego needs. Identification.pdf

15. Ego in historical context.

16. Prayer and rain.

17. Miasms.

18. Hierarchies and Inner-archies.

                                         Issue            Guardian

19. Finding balance – Confrontation Fear

20. Finding balance - Blame              Clarity

21. Finding balance - Greed               Power

22. Finding balance - Bitterness       Old age


       1.  The starting workshop of

                the 8 levels of healing.

Healer Workshop   

Next one starts on   10 February   2022

at 10 am GMT +2

R 1800   $134

Over 6 to 7 sessions on weekdays.  Depending on numbers.

Testimonial of Healer workshop by Ken , Gloria and  Isabella Snyman and Susan

The healer workshop is also offered by Rob Yule


                2. Dealing with trauma

Brain Gym and editing out the accepted delusional norms of your childhood that are lodged in the chakra nerve complexes.

Starts 23 Feb 2022

Start  time: 10am - 2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 350,  $27

Spirits of Trauma.

Starts  24 Feb  2022    

Time: 10 am -  2:30 pm ½ hr break

R 400   $30

See updated article on Spirit Beings associated with disease. Now with Asura  article    

Dragon energy out of the earth, Healing the Nadies,

Feeding the navel.  Supporting the digestion.

Overcoming slime that leads to cellular suffocation.

Starting  25 Feb 2022  

Time 10 am -2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 400,  $30


            3.  Workshops of the 17 stages

Hercules workshop    

Next one starts on   9th March 2022  

Daily Time 10 am -2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 700   $54

Day 1 The Chemical Periodic table

Day 2 The Holy Grail,  Virtues that bring health

See new article on 17 virtues of The Holy Grail

17 Ego needs

Starts 11 March 2022

Time 10 am -2:30 pm  ½ hr break

The 17 needs of the ego

Four steps beyond.

R350   $27


More Beings workshop 2 Days

Next one starts  17 March 2022

Time 10 am - 2:30 pm ½ hr break

Spirits of panic  

Spirits of division and static separation.

Spirits of war. The engaging art of social interaction. The wolves

R 800,  $60


     4. Healing with the zodiac and planets

One day  zodiac   workshop

Starts  24th March2022

Time: 10 am - 2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R350,   $27

One day Planets creating tissues

Starts  25th March 2022

Healing with the creative forces of the planets

Practice how to do it for quick results by activating a healing system within the client.


           5. Balance between extremes.

The balancing act

Medicine wheel and the challenges of  confrontation, blaming, greed and overwhelm.

balancing virtues between extremes on each  challenge

Homeopathic nudges towards the virtues.

Confronting the outside world.

Delusion of self importance.

Starts  7 April 2022

R 400 $30

Blaming and being blamed.

Suffering and deluded into wanting it.

Starts  8 April 2022

R 400 $30

Corruption of power.  

Delusion of control.

Starts  13 April 2022

R 400 $30

The waste of entertainment.  

Delusion of ownership and bitterness.

Avoiding overwhelm.

Starts  14 April 2022

R 400 $30


        6. Healing modalities of Sound,

      Medicinal plants, Geopathic stress

One day singing the chakras

vowel sounds and tones and overtones

Next one starts   20 April 2022

Time 10 am-4:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 350  or    $27

Medicinal plant workshop   

Starts   21 April 2022

Time: 10 am - 2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 400 or   $30

Workshop on Geopathic stress  

One day workshop Blessing points.

Next one starts  22 April  2022

R 400   $30

How to find them, activate them, heal with them.


        7. Levels of awareness.

One day workshop on Raising consciousness.

Starts  28 April 2022

time 10 am - 2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 400 or    $30

How do you do it and its effect on the planet and humanity.


  8. Beyond embodiment in

the in between. Stages 18 - 21

Workshop - the  In-between beyond embodiment.

The 4 aethers of the in-between world and their guardians.

Experiencing the 8 divisions of the globule in the clouds.

Then there is the swelling and shrinking of the globule in is rhythmic expression.

The Beings of the In Between. Elohim, Dynamis, Kyriotetes

29 April 2022  10 am - 2:30 pm

time 10 am - 2:30 pm  ½ hr break

R 400  $30


Advanced course   Kundalini

In person final four days at Retreat centre

Meeting afternoon of   2022 booking required.

Catering organised.

Please book with Susan now so she can book accommodation for you.


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