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Knowledge base

Having learned to look and see with ones expanded capacities all the normal processes of gaining knowledge that we use with normal capacities are applicable. All it means is that we have a lot more data to work with. My teacher said he was not going to teach me knowledge or information, only how to gain access to it through the spirit.  First we must be prepared to gather information. Then we try to put it into a knowledge system that can lead to predictable observations. Then we test to see that we get the results when the knowledge is applied. Then we burn our fingers when we do not apply it at the right time.  Now wisdom starts to appear.

At this stage I can offer a collection of information that you need to verify for yourself through observation.  I can also offer a knowledge base of systematic grouping of observations.  Wisdom is still sorely lacking and only comes with age and experience.  I still feel very young in this respect.

I am offering my experiences in several formats but they are all cross linked.

First the Misconceptions

The Medicinal plants

The major stages of development  eight steps

Being in the middle of the six directions

The detail of stages of development through the dark.  17 steps

The whole gradual development of virtues.

Typical disease conditions

Entities attached to people who waste energy.

Training of the traditional healer  - learning the procedures.

Indigenous technology