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Morella quercifolia

Morella quercifolia

Afrikaans:   Wasbessie

English :      Oak-leafed waxberry

IsiXhosa:     Maluleka

Description and diagnostic features   

   It was the first plant declared as protected under white rule because it was considered to be important for the dune stabilization of the cape flats.  The use of all the sugar bush for firewood was probably much worse. It is a member of the waxberries that produced wax  on their fruits that was useful for making good candles.

Quercus, the name of the oak is used to indicate that the leaves are like that of the oak, hence quercifolia.

Part used     

    Mostly the bark of the underground runners are used but the leaves can also be used.



     Some people are a bit allergic to the snuff that also contains aloe powder and sneezewood powder.  


   It grows normally in sandy soils.

    A colony of growth is established by runners spreading underground and popping up around the mother plant.


Water can move the waxy fruits around effectively