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Ocotea bullata

Ocotea bullata

Afrikaans:    Stinkhoud

English :       

IsiXhosa:     Unukani

Description and diagnostic features   

   This tree grows in frost free areas and mostly grows up in the shade of the forest. The leaves have little  bulgings in the axils of the main branches of the leaf veins.  They bulge upwards as if being bitten by mites.


Part used     

    Mostly the bark of the tree.


   The bark is used in a tea for arthritis.


  The tree is becoming endangered so it is best to obtain it from furniture makers who buy wood under licence from nature conservation. They do not use the bark and willingly part with it.


   Mostly in forests like the Knysna Forest where they grow very slowly.


  It grows from seed.

  It used to be eaten and propagated by the Rameron pigeons until they were practically wiped out by British settlers who hunted them.

A nurseryman in Knysna told me they grow quite fast if looked after.