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Olea europaea

Olea europaea

Afrikaans:  Olyf, Olienhout

English :     Olive

IsiXhosa:    Umquma

Description and diagnostic features   

   It is medium  sized  tree  with oblong grey-green leaves. The grey sheen is from the most beautiful microscopic hairs on the leaves that look like tiny umbrellas.   The wild form of olive in South Africa is genetically similar to the European form. The European form  has just been selected for large fruits.

Part used     


    Forked branches.


   The leaves are used for steaming and inhaling to open nose and reduce high blood pressure.  It is high blood pressure caused by secretive behaviour that can be treated by  olive leaves.


    None that I know of.


    The  olive does not do well in all soil types.  It is notable that these trees always do well where they grow next to granite outcrops. There is more than extra water runoff involved. There must be some nutrients that are released from the granite.


     The olive readily grows from seed.