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Plant Healing Workshop

1. The upside down plant – person in human body form.

1. Roots work in the head

2. leaves work in the chest

3. flowers work in the bowls.

4. Fruit work in the limbs.

2. The four stages of plant growth.

1. Rooting

2. Leafing

3. Flowering

4. fruiting

3. Metamorphosis of leaves – Goethe  

1. Leaves are transformed into all the plant parts.

2. |Leaves on a stem that grows towards forming a flower will expand and enlarge, then shrink till they form a bud. Then the flower comes out.

3. The more light the plant gets the more flowers it makes.

 4. Understanding transformation in change.

1. Filling in the process with imagination. Needing an intermediate stage to guide the imagination.

 2. Which way is the change going. For better or for worse. Inwards with suppression or outwards with expression.  

 5. Organ systems

1. Kidney -  water and mineral

Always start healing with cleaning out the kidneys and skin.

Parsley tea

Wilde wingerd



Rhinoceros bush

2. Liver  - growth

Now start to detox

Take out the bitters – with aloe

Artemisia afra – wilde alles – coagulate iron,  Ferrum.

Stinging nettle – coagulate toxins

3. Heart – fire, light                                    Also hollow organ is small intestine

Leonotis – wilde dagga

4. Lungs – breath  spirit                             Hollow organ is Large intestine

Bersama lucens

 6. Digestion

1. chewing, Taste, Smell                            smell rejects – Antimony tart

2. decide to let in    swallow         -  jelly

3. hold                     stomach          -  ishongwe

4. decide to let go   Pyloric valve   or reject and throw up.   Pepperbark can help reject.

5. dissolve              deodenum                 -    chamomile

6. absorb                      jejenum, ilium            -  dandylion

7. absorbed enough        ilio /ceacle valve

 8. dry out  and knead      Large intestine          -    graphites

9. excrete            decide it is done polishing.


Plant Healing workshop