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Datura stramonium

Datura stramonium

Afrikaans: malpitte, olieboom

English :    thornapple

IsiXhosa:   ijoyi, umhlabavuthwa

Description and diagnostic features   

   It is a short herb with a strong smell and bifurcated stem.  At each fork in the stem is a nightshade flower and the fruit is a capsule  with spikes.   Inside this dry spiky fruit are many small black seeds.  The mad pips.

Part used     



    Very effective if leaves are wilted over steam and placed on boils. It will remove them painlessly.

     I homeopathic form it is a curative for boils associated with nightmares and worrying about ones parents having a bad time. If the boils are only on the left side of the body it is because the patient is worried about their mother. On the right hand side of the body indicates the father.


    Toxic in normal plant form.

If eaten or drunk it will cause blindness and hallucinations.

Not for internal use unless highly diluted as in homeopathic CH20 or higher dilutions.


    It grows well in disturbed soils, like ploughed maize fields.


   It grows very easily from seed in disturbed soils. Like a weed.